Comfort in Scandinavian

27 April 2018
Scandinavian countries are famous for their noble restraint, not only in clothes, but also in the setting of dwellings. There arose a special style, which attracts with its naturalness, lightness, comfort and lack of ostentatious luxury. The main feature of the Scandinavian style is a sufficient amount of light. This tradition is conditioned by the climate of the Nordic countries: the Scandinavians eternally pine for the sun. In the homes of Swedes and Finns, you can often meet large windows, either completely without curtains, or with light, airy, light-passing curtains. Supports the concept and a certain color scheme. White always dominates, it can be supported by all kinds of light colors, beige, cream, puddle or more contrasting light green, light blue. They better reflect the sun's rays, so the room will never be gloomy. Scandinavians believe that the use of exclusively neutral colors in the interior (white and gray with black accents) frees the person. Their lightness and naturalness do not exert pressure, they help to cope with stress. The house is a place where not only the body rest, but also the soul, so bright colors, exciting the nervous system, are not to be found in this style. It will help to make the rooms lighter and layout: the kitchen combined with the living room will always be filled with sunlight. In Northern Europe, other rooms are often combined, so that such often gloomy rooms, such as a library or an office, are transformed. Materials in the Scandinavian style are used only natural. True, recently there are more and more artificial analogues, outwardly imitating natural textures. Natural stone and wood, glass and ceramics, fur and metal - all this will find an honorable place in the interior. For textiles, of course, cotton and linen, perhaps leather, are preferable. But this should be discussed in more detail.