Lunch box: time to say goodbye to plastic containers

09 May 2018
Plastic containers, of course, greatly affect our health. If you do not want the chemicals to leach into your food, as well as the food of your family members, choose those lunch boxes that consist of completely non-toxic material, such as glass, fabric, stainless steel or copper. In no case is it worth buying a lunch box that smells unpleasant. Perhaps with time the pungent smell will disappear, but eating from such a vessel can be dangerous. Why should I avoid lunch boxes made of plastic? The plastic lunch box is made of toxic materials that can leach into the food that you pack into the lunch box for the office. This chemically leached food damages the body at the cellular level and causes health problems. Plastics are mainly made from petroleum products using an energy-intensive process that creates a lot of pollution and toxic emissions. Another drawback is that most plastics are not biodegradable and can not be recycled, so they end up in a heap in garbage dumps where they decompose very slowly (sometimes even thousands of years). Nevertheless, before buying, think about whether this lunch box will be convenient for you. It is best to buy a container with several sections, so you can take with you a different food without mixing it. The main rule: even with the maximum tightness of the lid, you should be careful when carrying the lunch box, do not turn it upside down and try not to subject it to falls and bumps. The container should be used only for its intended purpose, do not place in the microwave and dishwasher and do not use for liquids, unless specified by the manufacturer.